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Welcome to SASRE


SASRE (pronounced ‘sass-ray’) is the South African Society for Railway Engineering. SASRE is a voluntary organisation founded in 1932 with the aim to promote the exchange of knowledge between, broaden the experience and increase the effectiveness of its members, with particular emphasis on railway engineering subjects and associated technologies.


Our members include - but are not limited to - engineers, technicians, technologists and artisans working in civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering, as well as those working in transport and logistics and at companies that supply and support the rail industry.


SASRE meetings are held in Pretoria on the third or fourth Thursday of each month and are open to all members. A member or guest presents on their project, technology or concept and fields questions from members. After the presentation members mingle, network and catch up with colleagues.


SASRE organises industry visits for its members. We visited the Columbus Stainless in March 2023 and toured the BMW plant in Pretoria in 2022. The 2018 visit took us to Ansys (now Etion). In 2017 we visited Rely Intracast, an investment casting company in Boksburg (pictures) and SCAW metals at Union Junction, Germiston.


Plasser Rail, the CSIR 3D Printing Lab, Rely Intracast, Timken and Ford South Africa are potential future visits.


SASRE hosts two annual events, an informal social gathering and a gala dinner.


The 2018 SASRE Gala Dinner was held at the Centurion Country Club on Friday, 26th October 2018. The 2017 Gala Dinner was held at the Centurion Golf Club on Friday, 19th May 2017. 


As of December 2014, SASRE is a registered ECSA Category A Voluntary Association. Attendance at the monthly meetings is recorded and 80% attendance earns members 1 CPD point. In addition, registered SASRE members are eligible for a discount on ECSA annual fees.


Once registered, members receive updates via email on upcoming meetings, visits and events, as well as membership invoices.


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